We bring sustainable experiences to people who give a damn about the world.

And why Fresh Eggs?
We get that a lot.  Here's our story.

You're walking down a dirt road on a bright sunny day.  You  stumble upon a sign, [Fresh Eggs].  It hangs like a billboard, pristine, crisply written and brilliant white.  Later, you find a much different sign.  This one, old and well worn, hand painted and nailed onto a simple wood post.
Which eggs do you buy?  

Does the world need
another UX company?

Heck yeah.

Things seem a little backwards and full of bull.  We're sick of big agencies, Addy awards and silver bullets.  So we created a group of people who put users first and paychecks last.  And decided to focus on design thinking for social good - bringing strategy to experiences that make positive change.
Also, when you work with us, 10 cents of every dollar goes back to our local community from both of us.  And no, we're not joking.

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